Ektennsa GmbH  Machinery, OEM spare parts, components and accesories for all brands of Earth Moving  & Mining  Machines,  is a german enterprise having  his main office  of Sales & Marketing in the hearth of Europe, in Berlin Germany.

Too , sale of spare parts for dumpers, trucks and loaders for the old brand O&K and others german or european brands.

Besides, Ektennsa GmbH constructs and plans machinery and equipment of fracturing and sieving technology and assures their supply with spare and wear parts. (Examples of spare parts for sievings machines see pictures right below eccenter and bushings for all make)

The continuously increasing quality claims concerning the processing of mineral resources to building materials as well as the optimization of energy costs and environmental pollution, demand highest standards in terms of process engineering, machine construction and facility design. Ektennsa GmbH works together with high qualified partners, german family enterprises with more of 50 years of experience , technicians and engineers succeed this challenging task.

Example , we plan and constructing :

Sieving machines : circle, ellipse, linear
Band- and apron conveyors
Special equipement of any kind
Jaw crusher

Ektennsa GmbH is  building  a bridge between several important south american, Asian, africains,  polynesian enterprises and german industrial manufacturers  and, also too for partners from other countries and continents of the world which have the same objective : Purchase machinery, OEM spare parts, components, accesories,  equipment  or industrial goods directly in Germany or Europe and import it into their countries.

And what is one of the more important thing, to the best prices and to the most efficient conditions of delivery : directly from Germany – or Europe to your enterprise in your own country.

In South America, Asia, Africa, Polynesie  Ektennsa GmbH is allready known as an important german exporter of spare parts, accesories , equipment for Earth Moving & Mining Machines and also too :

— as exporter of all kind of  goods or machinery of the german industrie.

Ektennsa GmbH  is known allready by the most important  Importers of several countries in the world which appreciate the perfection of operating and deliver  : “just in the time promised” and of course to the best payment conditions.

Through our partners in Europe we introduce your enterprise to the diversity of the markets of the industrial german machinery, spare parts, accesories, equipments, industrial goods any brand, and into all new kinds of systems of engineering -electronic – mechanic and ecologics of the modern moving hearth & Mining machinery construction.

Ektennsa Mining

Take contact with Ektennsa GmbH   in Berlin Germany office of Sales & Marketing and inform you about your real posibilities of purchase in the european market getting the best prices supported with the guarantee of working with professionals  operating from the German market and from Europe to the rest of the world ensuring you the most reliables offers adapted to your needs and demands.